This Third Grader Created His Own Cozy Atmosphere To Read During Class

A student at an elementary school in Indian Hill, Ohio is going viral after his teacher captured his cozy and creative reading setup.

Eli Bay’s teacher Mari Mileham snapped a picture of him during the class’s “Refresh and Reflect” time on Tuesday with a book and virtual fireplace playing on his tablet.

“This student created his own cozy atmosphere today and I absolutely love it,” Mileham said.

Originally, Mileham only wanted to send it to Eli’s parents. She decided to tweet it, thinking people would love it — and they did.

The tweet has almost 700,000 likes!

“There were so many adults saying, ‘This is me! This is what I do when I read!'” said Mileham. “I think with everything going on in the world, people loved this. This made their day — the positivity we just love to spread.”